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Anna Kolpakova

Favorite projects
Vivid Distribution
vivid-distribution ukraine
Online store of skin care cosmetics
tetiana miyus soprano
Austrian Soprano
Portfolio website for opera prima
pugachova photographer
Portfolio website for a children's fashion photographer
Pugachova photographer
Portfolio website for saxophonist
Osanna Sax
osanna sax
Portfolio site for a psychologist
It's OK!
greenlight book mcconaughey
When you have your own development team and only need a design project
With full prepayment, I give site maintenance for 1 month, or a 10% discount!
Design in Figma
1–2 weeks
from 400 euro
Online store
4–6 weeks
from 800 euro
Multipage site
2–3 weeks
from 600 euro
Landing page
1–2 weeks
from 500 euro
A one-page site that performs the task of taking an action on the site (subscribe / buy / order / fill out).
A site with a catalog of goods, shopping cart connection, payment systems and delivery.
The cost includes the creation of 30 products.
5 pages + service pages
(error page, successful payment, thanks)
Website for a more detailed presentation of a service or product, with a general menu
The service includes 15 hours of work:
replace banner/text/photo
enable integration with services
other technical tasks within Tilda
Price does NOT include:
writing texts
photo retouching
buying illustrations and fonts
hosting and domain payment
website promotion
The price includes:
elaboration of the site structure, prototype
competitor analysis and selection of references
selection of fonts, visual components (color, composition, graphics)
photo preparation, text editing
2 edit iterations
unique design (not on templates)
layout on Tilda
basic SEO settings
connection of payment systems and delivery
adaptation for mobile devices
video instruction
Some facts about me
My second profession is a saxophonist. I love to create: whether it’s writing music, improvising or making an aesthetic design for the site.
I give the viewer emotions and pleasure on stage.
I create on the web,
I create on the web,
I give the viewer emotions and pleasure on stage.
My second profession is a saxophonist. I love to create: be it writing music, improvising or creating an aesthetic design for the site.
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Hello! My name is Ann,
and I'm an empathic web designer.
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In simple terms
I do not use complex terms and provide information as simply as possible. I am easy, interesting and reliable to cooperate with :)
Maximum Dive
I am an empathic person, so I feel people and their wishes well, I try to feel the project as much as possible. At the time of cooperation, we become partners.
Always on the wave
I constantly learn from the best designers and improve my level. I love traveling and being inspired by new cultures. I follow trends.
I don’t break the deadlines
I am a terrible perfectionist and demanding of myself. I don’t disappear and I’m never late. I value my time and yours :)
Aesthetics in action
I am an aesthete and a gourmet in life, my motto is: It's better to go hungry than that horrible there! That's why and in the profession and in my life everything is aesthetically pleasing.
I create turnkey websites that are understandable and user-friendly: from an idea to its implementation.
From idea to start
We get acquainted, discuss the task of the future site and its functionality, wishes for design.
We sign the contract. I am fixing the deadlines of my work for you. You provide all the information (photo, video, text).
I study your niche, competitors and target audience, select references, define the style.
I develop the structure of the site: the number of pages, the order of blocks and the location of the content.
I create the design of 2-3 blocks. Make edits, then approve the finished design layout and the second stage of edits.
Layout on Tilda
I transfer the finished layout to Tilda, adapt the site for mobile and tablet devices. Create animation.
Technical point
I set up SEO for better indexing by search engines, connect the domain / payment system / data reception services.
Site transfer
I launch and transfer the site to you. I send video instructions for editing content.
Work stages
I am open to your wishes and adequately respond to edits. Therefore, I included two stages of editing in the cost of developing the site (after creating the design of 3 blocks and the finished layout of the entire site).
One step is one message in which you can use an unlimited number of edits.
If you wish to replace something after two rounds of edits, it will be billed separately — hourly.
after prototyping
before layout
Payment in 3 stages:
after the signing contract
Please send all content within 3 days after prepayment. If you wait more than 3 days, I can take another project for your date.
Or fill out an application for a free consultation, I will contact you myself